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Improve Public Transport Management Based on Data

Cermoni is a platform that provides public transport decision support and public transport optimization in public transport operations. It includes intelligent transportation solutions such as data management solutions, transit analytics and origin-destination analysis. 

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Data-Driven End-to-End Management in Public Transportation

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Data Management

Cermoni converts your public transport data into an international data format, increasing data reliability and enabling easy integration into passenger information systems. Easy data access and editing tools enable you to manage your route and stop data updates effortlessly, quickly, and securely without data loss.

Cermoni offers the opportunity to evaluate ridership counts, transfers, and route information within the existing coverage of routes and stops, working with prediction models for origin-destination mobility analyses on a regional and route-specific basis.


Cermoni supports your timetable plan decisions and offers the most suitable option by creating planning alternatives with different demand scenarios and previewing indicators such as fuel, cost, service level and emissions.

Advanced Analytical Capabilities

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 Cermoni is equipped with big data analytics, artificial intelligence algorithms. It generates high quality public transport optimization scenarios. In this way, public transport operators can make better decisions and use resources in the most efficient way.

Why Cermoni?

Efficient Resource Management


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Cermoni offers features to reduce costs, such as reducing fuel consumption, optimizing vehicle utilization and minimizing empty capacity. This results in significant savings for public transport operators.

Cermoni ensures the most efficient use of resources in public transportation operations. It offers a planning process with optimized assignment of vehicles and drivers, which increases operational efficiency.

Passenger Experience Improvement

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By analyzing passenger demands, Cermoni helps to better plan and improve the passenger experience. It enables passengers to travel faster and more comfortably, increasing their satisfaction.

Flexibility and Scalability

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Cermoni adapts to public transportation networks of different scales. It is adaptable and scalable to operations at different scales, from small cities to large metropolitan areas.

Who do we benefit?

Public Transportation Companies

Municipalities and Public Organizations

 Cermoni is used by public transport companies to increase operational efficiency, optimize public transport, reduce costs and improve the passenger experience.

 With Cermoni, municipalities can make urban public transport networks more efficient, reduce traffic congestion and provide sustainable transportation solutions.

Transportation Planners

City Managers

 Cermoni provides transportation planners with solutions for better capacity management and resource allocation. In this way, it enables transportation networks to be managed more effectively.

 Cermoni helps city managers to make urban transportation more sustainable, efficient and safe. It is used as an important tool for city planning and mobility strategies.

Universities and Campuses

Airline Collaboration

 Cermoni can be used to manage transportation networks within universities and campuses. It can improve the on-campus transportation experience by enabling students, staff and visitors to move more efficiently.

Cermoni facilitates collaboration between airport operators and airlines. It enables more efficient and coordinated airport operations by providing cooperation on issues such as organizing bus services in accordance with flight times, baggage handling and passenger transfer.

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