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  • Is my fleet size suitable for Cermoni?
    Cermoni can be integrated with different transportation modes and fleet sizes. Based on user requests, it is possible to adapt Cermoni to public transportation networks of different scales. You can contact us for more information.
  • How can I reduce my costs with Cermoni?
    Cermoni offers various ways to reduce costs in public transportation operations. With features such as vehicle capacity and timetable optimization, you can reduce fuel consumption, optimize vehicle utilization and minimize unnecessary empty capacity. You can also use your resources more effectively by making planning and resource management processes more efficient.
  • How does Cermoni facilitate my public transportation management process?
    Cermoni is a decision support system designed to streamline your public transportation management process. Equipped with data analytics and optimization algorithms, Cermoni optimizes vehicle utilization and helps you plan better by analyzing passenger demand. In addition, with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand reports, you can better manage your operational data and make decisions faster.
  • What is Cermoni and what does it do?
    Cermoni is a software developed to optimize public transport systems and improve passenger experience. By combining data analytics, optimization algorithms and user-friendly interfaces, it enables public transport operators to provide more efficient and effective services.
  • What kind of data does Cermoni use?
    Cermoni uses a variety of data sources related to public transportation operations. These include categories such as passenger demand, smart card data, route and route information, vehicle tracking data and timetable information.
  • How does Cermoni work and what kind of analysis does it perform?
    Cermoni analyzes public transport data, plans vehicle usage and optimizes travel time. It also simulates current operations, evaluates alternative scenarios and offers the best solutions.
  • How does Cermoni benefit public transport operators?
    Cermoni benefits public transport operators in several ways. By identifying more efficient routes and routes, it reduces fuel consumption, shortens passenger waiting times and optimizes the occupancy rate of public transport vehicles. It also reduces operating costs and enhances the passenger experience by improving planning and resource management processes.
  • At what scale can Cermoni be implemented?
    Cermoni can be adapted to public transport systems of different scales. It can be used in public transportation operations of different scales, from small cities to large metropolises, and has a scalable structure.
  • How does Cermoni's integration process work?
    Cermoni can be integrated into existing public transportation systems. Support is provided for the integration process and technical details required for data integration and infrastructure compatibility.

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