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Cermoni is Optimizing Public Transport in Antalya and Vignola!

Cermoni, Public Transport Management System, is now optimizing public transport in Antalya, Turkey, and Vignola, Italy together with EIT Urban Mobility!

Cermoni-EIT project

Our vision to offer Cermoni as an accessible public transport optimization and planning software for every public transport business and authority was supported by EIT Urban Mobility (European Institute for Innovation and Technology Urban Mobility), Europe's largest mobility network. With the selected project, Cermoni will now work on demand and scenario-based public transportation planning in both Antalya and Modena, Vignola to reduce costs and bring a sustainable digital solution to our institutions.

Within the scope of the project, scenarios where public transportation demand varies (e.g. Antalya tourism boom period, Vignola Christmas, etc.) will be identified and optimum timetable, vehicle, and driver assignments will be made for different demands. In this context

-Institutions will have a public transportation planning solution that can adapt to different demands

-Avoid financial losses and avoidable carbon emissions

-Service level targets will be achieved

-Emissions can be calculated

Vehicle idle time will be reduced.

The Project's supporting organization EIT Urban Mobility (EIT UM) is a Europe-wide innovation network established to accelerate and disseminate sustainable urban mobility solutions. At the beginning of 2023, Parabol received investment from EIT UM and has continued to work to benefit more organizations with Cermoni and started scaling the solution.

Cermoni will apply the innovative methods it brings to optimization in public transport planning in Antalya and Vignola within the scope of the project, both to manage public transport demand and to provide our cities with a data-based, sustainable planning tool.

To follow the developments during the project:

Cermoni is likely to make a significant difference in this project with its demand and scenario-based planning features. These features have the potential to make public transportation operations more financially and environmentally efficient. We are excited to see how this project will streamline management processes and make public transportation operations more sustainable.

We have a strong belief that Cermoni will play an important role in planning and managing public transportation services. Our system aims to deliver a more effective and efficient service. This is aimed at both reducing the cost of public transport services and reducing its environmental impact.

For more information about Parabol and Cermoni, please click here.


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