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Cermonews #1 | The innovative newsletter of public transport

✨ Hello! With the heat of August, the effects of climate change in our cities have started to hit us even more. At Parabol, we are working even harder to reduce the negative impacts of mobility on climate change in our field. We are here to share your breaks with news from Cermoni, our data-based solution in public transportation for sustainability, which is one of the best examples of these ☕

In this newsletter, we would like to share with you the latest developments from Cermoni. We know that the readers of this newsletter are also people who work in the fields of public transport, transportation, and sustainability. Therefore, we are always open to your valuable feedback to improve our newsletter. 🌿

Welcome to the first episode of Cermonews 👐🏻

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Cermoni starts public transportation planning in Antalya and Italy with EIT Urban Mobility 🚀

With Cermoni, we continue to bring international projects to our cities!

Cermoni was supported by EIT Urban Mobility for its innovative scenario and demand-based approach to public transportation planning!

Now, it will support demand and scenario-based tariff optimization and vehicle and driver assignment processes in Antalya, Turkey, and Vignola, Modena, Italy.

The project aims to make public transportation enterprises resilient to changing demands and conditions based on data, reduce costs, and provide an efficient data management and planning process by providing institutions with a digital solution. 🌿


Expanding Our Operations in the MENA Region with Cermoni 💼

We started working with Dr. Ejder ORMANCI, who has accomplished valuable work with his long years of work and experience in the sector on mobility, public transportation, and sustainability, to spread our innovative solutions in the MENA region. 💪

For the details of our cooperation, you can take a look at the Urban Public Transportation Newspaper


Success Story: Tariff Optimization in Public Transport ✍️

Vehicle-driver assignment and tariff planning, which is an important issue for the effective continuation of public transportation processes, can be carried out quickly and accurately with Cermoni.

You can access the article on vehicle-driver assignment, tariff planning, and the success story we shared with you before from the link.


Bonus: Would you like to reduce your costs in

public transportation?

Bonus Would you like to reduce your costs in public transportation?

We would like to present you with Cermoni's scenario and demand-based planning and optimized timetable, vehicle, and driver assignment modules to use resources efficiently and reduce costs while meeting demand in public transportation.

For our first newsletter, we have special discounts and additional surprises for our public transportation institutions that return this e-mail 🎁

Why shouldn't the next one be your city?


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