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Public Transportation Planning

With this planning tool, you can find answers to questions such as

- How can I improve our public transportation service level and what will my timetable look like?

- How many vehicles do we need?

- What will be the cost change?

- What will be the fuel consumption and carbon emissions according to my timetable?

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Scenario-Based Timetable Planning

Provides the opportunity to compare scenarios with indicators such as number of vehicles, fuel consumption and carbon emissions based on different occupancy rates and service levels. Incorporates passenger travel demand uncertainty into the timetable planning process.

Advanced planning framework that optimizes time, vehicle and driver scheduling

Vehicle and Driver Assignment

Simplify your public transportation management by assigning vehicles in your fleet for the optimum timetable. Make driver assignments and ensure work balance by setting your own constraints such as working hours and break times.

Manage your fleet the easy way.

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Planning Impact Measurement

Evaluate the performance criteria related to the selected scenario in terms of vehicle number, fuel consumption, etc.

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