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Why not we have a better and sustainable mobility system?

As Parabol team, we believe to take action and create value for more liveable cities. We built Cermoni, as a public transportation decision support system, to help you to improve public transportation system in our cities by making informed decisions based on mobility analysis.
One central platform to monitor, evaluate and revision of public transportation system
Increasing the quality and usability of data to provide more reliable information for decision-makers
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Increasing the level of service of public transportation with optimal bus frequencies, route lengths and more reliable trip schedules
More accurate and comprehensive evaluation of service quality with big data analysis
Guiding with accurate and objective performance indicators (service level determination, stop assignment algorithm, trip detection algorithm, etc.)
More accurate performance analysis and problem detection by advanced spatio-temporal analyses 
Detailed understanding of trip and passenger mobility behavior along with travel demand
Helping to make new public transportation investment decisions based on performance measurement and mobility analysis
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