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Data Management(GTFS)

Access GTFS data format with Public Transport Editors

GTFS editor is a GIS-based data standardization, management and visualization system where public transport data can be entered and modified, and data in different formats can be saved by converting them to the international data standard GTFS.

GTFS editör
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The easy way to organize bus stops

With the stop editor, you can create, edit, delete, and modify the names and IDs of stops with latitude-longitude data, as well as GTFS formatted stops.

Digitize your data and keep it

Your data is kept digitized in the international data format GTFS and all changes are backed up with versioning.

GTFS editör

Your public transportation data is always at your fingertips

Keep the timetable information of the lines in the digital environment and obtain timetable information according to different times. Thus, avoid data loss.

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