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Smart solutions in public transportation

Today, 55 percent of the world's population lives in urban areas. In 2050, this rate is expected to exceed 65 percent. Cities built for less populations now have problems in issues such as innovation, health, sustainability, and welfare. If we get help from technology to be more efficient in our own lives, the cities we live in can do this. If we include smart systems in our lives, it is also possible to make cities smarter.

The concept of "smart" refers to the rapid management of big data produced quickly from various sources, and many cities today use smart applications to achieve efficiency in different areas, although not fully.


Data-driven solution to public transportation, Cermoni

Cermoni (Public Transport Decision Support System), which is a solution that collects data on mobility in public transport, provides understanding of urban and intercity mobility, and determination of travel and passenger patterns.

Özel Kalem

The smart solution for public transportation

With the analysis of smart card data and GPS data in public transport, Cermoni ensures that the public transport mobility of the cities is understood, and the demand at the stops as well as the places where passengers choose to board are inferred. Thanks to the Origin-Destination (OD) analyzes it produces, it analyzes passenger behavior by visualizing where the demand moves from where to where the city moves at desired times. It creates performance analyzes as suggestions for improvements to be made on the basis of line, trip, stop and region with the production of correct information.

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