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UITP Global Public Transport Summit Commences with Enthusiasm and Celebrations

Amidst this spirited atmosphere, we joyously celebrated our recent membership in UITP with a ceremonious event featuring the newly appointed president, Ms. Renée Amilcar. Once again, congratulations resound across the board for this remarkable achievement! 👏🏻

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Feyzullah Gündoğdu, Ph.D., and Ecem Bayindirır from UITP for their unwavering support and guidance throughout our journey toward becoming a part of this prestigious community.

A highlight of the day was the engaging speech delivered by our esteemed Marketing Director, Tuğçe Işık. Her presentation centered around the innovative topic of "Data-Driven Decision Support System for Public Transport Operational and Strategic Management." In her address, Tuğçe delineated our groundbreaking approach to public transport management, elucidating the pivotal role of data in the realms of monitoring, evaluation, and strategic planning.

The event provided an exceptional platform to showcase our commitment to revolutionizing public transport management through data-centric methodologies. Tuğçe's insightful speech was a testament to our dedication to leveraging innovative strategies to enhance the operational and strategic facets of public transport.

As the UITP Global Public Transport Summit unfolds, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of pioneering solutions and eagerly anticipate the fruitful collaborations and insights that will transpire throughout this esteemed event.


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