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Permanent Energy Savings: Conserving Future Energy Today

In light of this year's European Mobility Week theme "Save your future energy", let's look at how energy saving can become a permanent way of life.

energy saving

1. Conscious Consumption

Conscious consumption is the cornerstone of energy saving.

Electrical Devices: Unplugging electrical appliances when not in use and not leaving devices such as televisions and computers in standby mode reduce energy consumption.

Energy Saving Products: Energy-saving light bulbs and white goods with A+++ energy class significantly reduce energy consumption.

Water Use: Reducing the use of hot water saves water heating energy.

2. Green Transportation

Sustainable transportation is another important dimension of energy savings.

Cycling and Walking: Cycling or walking for short distances saves energy and contributes to our health.

Public Transportation: Public transportation such as buses, subways and trams are more energy efficient than individual car use.

Electric Vehicles: Electric vehicles operate with zero emissions and can be charged from renewable energy sources.

3. Energy Efficient Homes

By optimizing energy consumption in our homes, we can achieve huge savings.

Thermal Insulation: Quality thermal insulation prevents heat loss in winter and excessive heat gain in summer.

Energy Efficient Appliances: Energy efficient appliances consume less energy than standard appliances.

Smart Home Systems: Smart thermostats and lighting systems automatically optimize energy consumption.

4. Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy is the key to sustainable energy consumption.

Solar Panels: Solar energy is a clean and unlimited source of energy. With solar panels, we can generate electricity in our homes and workplaces.

Wind Energy: Wind turbines meet our energy needs by converting wind energy into electricity.

Hydroelectric and Geothermal Energy: These energies, obtained from natural resources, allow us to produce energy without harming the environment.

5. Education and Awareness

There is a need to raise social awareness on energy saving.

Education Programs: Educational programs on energy conservation should be organized in schools and communities.

Campaigns: Awareness-raising campaigns on energy conservation can be created through media and social media.

Seminars and Workshops: Seminars organized by experts are important for sharing knowledge and experience on energy conservation.


Energy saving is not only an individual responsibility but also a social duty. For lasting energy savings, both individuals and society need to raise awareness and take steps in this regard.


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