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Parabol Takes Part in #Connect4Mobility Event!

Bugün, Parabol olarak #Connect4Mobility etkinliğine katıldık ve Pazarlama Direktörümüz Tuğçe Işık, "Dayanıklı ve Sürdürülebilir Kentsel Hareketlilik Teknolojileri" konulu panelde bir konuşmacı olarak yer aldı.

We are delighted to have contributed to this significant panel discussion. During the session, we highlighted how data-driven technological solutions contribute to preparing cities to be resilient and well-prepared before, during, and after disasters. Additionally, we engaged in an exchange of views with other speakers on the subject of resilient and sustainable cities.

We extend our gratitude to all participants and speakers present at the event. 🙏 Such engagements offer valuable insights and interactive platforms for sharing ideas concerning urban mobility and sustainability, allowing us to make meaningful contributions towards shaping the future.


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