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Cermoni Showcased at the Deutsche Bahn Regio Event

This week marked an exciting presence for us at the Deutsche Bahn Regio event hosted within ZUKUNFT NAHVERKEHR at Station Berlin. We took the opportunity to showcase our innovative public transport decision support system, Cermoni, highlighting its capability to provide demand-based planning tools for public transportation.

During the event, we elucidated on Cermoni's groundbreaking features, emphasizing its dynamic adaptability to cater to fluctuations in demand. Cermoni serves as a versatile tool, aligning itself with specific objectives such as cost reductions or ensuring high service quality, thereby catering comprehensively to the diverse needs of transport planning.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Tuğsan Doğa EVREN for their exceptional presentation at the event. Their impactful stage presence significantly contributed to the success of our presentation, effectively spotlighting Cermoni's innovative functionalities and contributions to the field of public transportation management.

This event was an incredible platform for us to underscore Cermoni's adaptability and its instrumental role in revolutionizing public transport planning, reaffirming our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions within the transportation industry.


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