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🚍 #Cermonews | Dubai, ITS and Public Transport, Hear Cermoni from his User in Italy. | New issue is here!


Cermonews is here with its new issue.

In this issue: We talk about our visit to Dubai, UITP training and hear about Cermoni from its user in Italy.

Enjoy reading!


We attended the Dubai MENA Transportation Congress with Cermoni!

This month, we were at UITP MENA TRANSPORT CONGRESS 2024 in Dubai, one of the most important mobility events in the MENA region . During the event, we discussed with our potential users and partners how Cermoni can make a difference in public transportation planning processes with its demand-based approach and analysis capabilities.

We helped them experience Cermoni with live demonstrations. We are accelerating our work in the MENA region with the good feedback and potential we receive .

It is also very valuable for us that these powerful and innovative technologies coming from Turkey are accepted all over the world. We will continue to improve public transport with Cermoni in many more countries and cities soon.

We would like to thank everyone who visited us at our stand and followed us on social media! 🙏


We Will Discuss "Public Transport for ITS and Infrastructure" at #UITPacademy

🚀 Our teammates Tuğçe and Şevval will take part in an online training titled 'Public Transport for ITS and Infrastructure' organized in partnership with #UITPAcademy and #ShenzhenBus Group between 20-29 May ! 🚍

The integration of public transportation systems with smart transportation systems and the development of solid infrastructure are an indispensable part of urban life. In this training, industry leaders will share their knowledge and experience. Don't forget to register to participate! 🌐


Voice of Costumer: How Does Cermoni Benefit Modena, Italy?

Daniele Paolino from Modena Public Transport Authority Planning Unit explained to you what Cermoni has contributed to the city and the importance of the project!


Cermoni Considers All Details in Vehicle and Driver Appointments for Electric Vehicles 💡

Cermoni allows detailed vehicle-driver assignment planning for electric vehicles, trams and different transportation modes!

In the case of electric vehicles, it comprehensively addresses charging times and station occupancy tracking, on which routes electric vehicles can be used most effectively , the optimum number of electric vehicles and fleet management .

Moreover, this applies to both mixed fleets (electric vehicles, solo and articulated buses) and fleets consisting only of electric vehicles!


Thank you for reading the new issue of Cermonews . 🙏

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, suggestions or collaboration ideas.

See you in the new issue. 👋


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