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🚍 #Cermonews | Cermoni in Italy, UITP MENA Congress and our surprise new content series is coming soon! January issue is here!


2024 is here with the first Cermonews issue of the year. As Parabol, we continue our efforts to make the public transportation sector greener, more efficient and more accessible.

In this issue: We talk about our visit to Italy, an upcoming event and a surprise new content series.

Enjoy your reading!


Cermoni optimizes public transport planning in Italy. 🚍

The 3-day study visit of our EIT Urban Mobility - supported Cermoni project in Vignola , Modena and Bologna was successfully completed with our local partners and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality . 👏

We met with our users and shared our experiences in public transport and saw how Cermoni adapts to changes in requirements and demands at various scales in different cities. 🙏

Meet Cermoni at Dubai MENA Transport Congress 🤝


📌 On 28 February - 1 March 2024 , as Parabol, we will be at the UITP MENA Transportation Congress, stand 5D50 , with our sustainable public transportation solution Cermoni. We would be happy to host you to see Cermoni live and discuss our other decision support systems for sustainable mobility. We are waiting!

Another Content Series from Parabol: Cermotalks coming soon ✨


At Cermotalks, which will be the sharing point of sustainable mobility, we will talk about mobility , sustainability and public transportation with our leading guests in the sector . If you would like to be a guest or have a guest suggestion, we would always like to hear your ideas.

All the details will be with you soon!

Electric Vehicle Problems in Vehicle and Driver Scheduling: Cermoni Offers a Solution 💡


While it is necessary to evaluate different criteria when assigning vehicles and drivers for electric buses , unlike traditional buses, this may reveal some complexities. This is where Cermoni's vehicle-driver scheduling module comes into play.

Cermoni vehicle-driver scheduling feature, ability to integrate into different modes Thanks to this feature, it quickly provides the most appropriate vehicle-driver assignment for electric vehicles and offers you the most appropriate planning with other vehicles in your fleet.


Thank you for reading Cermonews' new series. 

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, suggestions or collaboration ideas.

See you in the new issue. 👋


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