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Cermonews #2 | The innovative newsletter of public transport

Following our first #Cermonews episode last month, we are back with a brand new issue to share with you Cermoni's important developments on sustainable public transportation and mobility. 📰🚀

We continue to follow Cermoni's climate-friendly solutions, contributions to the future of the public transportation sector and what is happening in the world on sustainability issues. With Cermonews, we will continue to bring you the latest developments in public transportation and our latest content on how we can achieve a green future. 🌱🌐

Welcome to the October episode of Cermonews! 📚👓


We celebrated European Mobility Week 2023 with special events 🌍

As Parabol, we organized a series of events to draw attention to the importance of sustainable transportation and inspire us to take action during the European Mobility Week, which took place between 16-22 September 2023.

✅ Online Webinars

✅ "Mapalyse: Map your move" campaign

✅ Blog posts about the importance of European Mobility Week

✅ Parabol : Discover Your City Competition: Orienteering in Ulus


Cermoni Project Started in Antalya!

We were at Antalya Metropolitan Municipality for the opening of Cermoni, Scenario Based Decision Support System, which won the EIT UM Targeted Project Call.

The opening of the project, which was realized by our team, was held with the participation of TheDepartment of Foreign Relations, TheDepartment of Transportation, TheDepartment of IT and Antalya Transportation.

You can access the video prepared by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality TV about the project opening from the link.


We participated in many events organized in various fields throughout September and October 🌆👥

We sponsored the welcome reception of the 2023-2024 UITP Diploma Program for Public Transport Managers organized by UITP & IETT.

We welcomed guests from all around the world to continue our contribution to the public transport and mobility ecosystem on a global level. We were delighted to collaborate with IETT and UITP as program hosts for this event. We would like to thank them for bringing us together. 🙏


We participated in Marmara Urban Forum 2023! 🎉

We presented Cermoni at the Deutche Bahn Regio Event in Berlin 🎉

We participated in the #Connect4Mobility event organized by Fark Labs 🎉


We were a guest in the Urban Public Transportation Newspaper during September-October 📰


Would you like to take a quick look at the questions you have about Cermoni? 🤔

We have compiled frequently asked questions for Cermoni, which offers end-to-end solutions in public transportation processes.

You can visit our website for other questions:


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