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Parabol Unveils Cermoni Project in Collaboration with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality

We were honored to participate in the opening ceremony of the Cermoni project, an acclaimed Scenario-Based Public Transport Decision Support System, awarded the EIT Urban Mobility Targeted Project accolade. 🌟 The inauguration took place at Antalya Büyükşehir Belediyesi.

The launch of this innovative project marks a significant milestone, aiming to revolutionize public transportation planning in Antalya by leveraging big-data methodologies. The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of the Department of Foreign Relations, Transportation and Information Technologies, as well as Antalya Ulaşım Hizmetleri Petrol Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. 🚀

The program commenced with a Project Introduction Meeting and Opening Speech, emphasizing the core objectives and significance of the Cermoni project, hosted by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. 🗣️ Both the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Parabol teams delivered a comprehensive Project Introduction Presentation, providing a detailed overview of the project to the participants. Subsequently, discussions between the teams focused on the project schedule, site visits, presentation preparations, and dissemination strategies.

A pivotal part of the program involved a training session elucidating Cermoni's functionality and usage, immensely benefiting the participants in understanding the system's features. 📊

The pinnacle of the event was the Public Transport Needs Assessment and Scenario Visioning Workshop, uniting diverse stakeholders from the public transport sector to collectively define a shared vision. These collaborative sessions facilitated crucial advancements in innovation and cooperation within the realm of public transportation. 🚌💡


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