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  • 🚍 #Cermonews | Cermoni in Italy, UITP MENA Congress and our surprise new content series is coming soon! January issue is here!

    Hello! 2024 is here with the first Cermonews issue of the year. As Parabol, we continue our efforts to make the public transportation sector greener, more efficient and more accessible. In this issue: We talk about our visit to Italy, an upcoming event and a surprise new content series. Enjoy your reading! Cermoni optimizes public transport planning in Italy. 🚍 The 3-day study visit of our EIT Urban Mobility - supported Cermoni project in Vignola , Modena and Bologna was successfully completed with our local partners and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality . 👏 We met with our users and shared our experiences in public transport and saw how Cermoni adapts to changes in requirements and demands at various scales in different cities. 🙏 Meet Cermoni at Dubai MENA Transport Congress 🤝 📌 On 28 February - 1 March 2024 , as Parabol, we will be at the UITP MENA Transportation Congress, stand 5D50 , with our sustainable public transportation solution Cermoni. We would be happy to host you to see Cermoni live and discuss our other decision support systems for sustainable mobility. We are waiting! Another Content Series from Parabol: Cermotalks coming soon ✨ At Cermotalks, which will be the sharing point of sustainable mobility, we will talk about mobility , sustainability and public transportation with our leading guests in the sector . If you would like to be a guest or have a guest suggestion, we would always like to hear your ideas. All the details will be with you soon! Electric Vehicle Problems in Vehicle and Driver Scheduling: Cermoni Offers a Solution 💡 While it is necessary to evaluate different criteria when assigning vehicles and drivers for electric buses , unlike traditional buses, this may reveal some complexities. This is where Cermoni's vehicle-driver scheduling module comes into play. Cermoni vehicle-driver scheduling feature, ability to integrate into different modes Thanks to this feature, it quickly provides the most appropriate vehicle-driver assignment for electric vehicles and offers you the most appropriate planning with other vehicles in your fleet. Thank you for reading Cermonews' new series. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, suggestions or collaboration ideas. See you in the new issue. 👋

  • Importance of Spatiotemporal Evaluation of Public Transportation Metrics

    The European Transport Conference 2020 Aim and Scope: Public transit (PT) is a necessary but very challenging component of sustainable transport, as PT operations are very costly (and often subsidized) and have traditionally been planned according to land use and travel demand forecasts. Smart Card (SC) data holds great potential to reveal insights regarding the performance of PT services; however, it needs efficient analysis and visualization tools and the selection of appropriate metrics to evaluate and portray PT characteristics. This study focuses on portraying the importance of spatiotemporal evaluation of PT demand characteristics as opposed to aggregate values using some selected measures. The numeric results are obtained using SC data from the metropolitan city of Konya, Turkey. The study includes the evaluation of aggregate and hourly disaggregated data for selected ridership metrics of total trips (R), transfer trips (TR), and discounted trips (DR) in a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) environment.

  • A Scalable Platform for Big Data Analysis in Public Transport

    Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience Summary: Any life event or action can be seen as a potential source of data to analyze. By analyzing such data, we can gain insights into the facts. The situation is no different in public transport. Researchers working in the fields of transport and traffic have stated that such an analysis would be invaluable in designing urban transport and particularly in adapting to current changes. In this study, a scalable public transport analysis platform named Cermoni is developed using the Apache Beam programming model. It can analyze near-real-time smart card and vehicle location data collected, classified as big data with its high production speed. The performance of the platform was tested on Google Cloud Dataflow service using real-world data gathered from Konya, one of the largest metropolitan cities in Turkey, and the results are discussed in detail.

  • Discussions on Climate Neutrality Challenges Held at Konya Metropolitan Municipality During Agora Thematic Dialogue Meeting

    Last week, we participated in the Agora Thematic Dialogue meeting held at Konya Metropolitan Municipality to discuss climate neutrality challenges and best practices within a dynamic, international team. The highly interactive workshop sessions and field visits to witness the latest mobility innovations by Konya MM were incredibly effective. Moreover, we take pride in observing our impact in this field. We extend our gratitude to Konya Metropolitan Municipality and JPI Urban Europe for their gracious invitation. It's always a pleasure to be alongside you. 🙏

  • "Traffic Exhibition on the 100th Anniversary of the Republic" opened at Metro Istanbul Şişhane Station

    The "Traffic Exhibition in the 100th Year of our Republic," organized under the auspices of the Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents in Turkey, has opened its doors to visitors at Metro Istanbul Şişhane Station, attracting considerable attention. The exhibition provides comprehensive insights into the evolution of Turkey's traffic processes from the past to the present day, including the intelligent transportation systems currently in use. Highlighting the stages that the phenomenon of traffic has undergone in Turkey throughout its history, the exhibition offers essential information to visitors. Initiated by the Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents in Turkey, this event aims to raise awareness about traffic and foster a greater understanding within society. We take immense pleasure in supporting this exhibition as a sponsor. Throughout the week, you can visit the exhibition at Şişhane Metro Station and enhance your knowledge about traffic-related issues! 🤝✨

  • Training of Turkey's First Big Data-Based Traffic Accident Analysis Platform Held in Antalya in Collaboration with the General Directorate of Highways

    The training for Turkey's first large data-based Traffic Accident Analysis Platform was organized in Antalya in collaboration with the General Directorate of Highways. Developed to enhance traffic safety and minimize accidents, this platform, utilized by the General Directorate of Highways, saw its training session held in Antalya Kemer. Between November 28th and December 1st, a comprehensive training session on the platform's capabilities took place, gathering participants representing 17 different regions of the General Directorate of Highways from across Turkey. Additionally, Information Technology Activities of the General Directorate of Highways were shared with the attendees during the event. Toward the program's conclusion, mutual evaluations were conducted concerning the Traffic Accident Analysis Platform. We extend our gratitude to all participants and the General Directorate of Highways for their contributions to the successful realization of this event. We are delighted to collaborate for safer roads. 🙏

  • Cermoni Takes Field Action to Optimize Public Transport!

    Cermoni continues its active engagement in the field with users and partners, striving to optimize public transportation. These efforts are supported by insights from Daniele Paolino of AGENZIA PER LA MOBILITA ED IL TRASPORTO PUBBLICO LOCALE DI MODENA S.P.A. and Paolo Franceschini, a consultant from Vignola Municipality. Daniele Paolino highlights that Cermoni, especially for Vignola, can assist in optimizing schedules, considering a future scenario where larger areas of the city might become quiet zones with a 30 km/h speed limit. Paolo Franceschini, as a consultant for Vignola Municipality, emphasizes that Cermoni's scenario analysis feature aids in adapting public transport operations to evolving demands, thereby enhancing the passenger experience. The three-day study visit for the Cermoni project, supported by EIT Urban Mobility, concluded successfully with great partners from Antalya Büyükşehir Belediyesi and Vignola. During the visit, all partners had the opportunity to share their experiences in public transportation and the impacts of Cermoni. Various areas such as Antalya Department of Transport, Unions of Public Transport Planning & Authorisation, Transport Monitoring and Operations Centre, Tram operation and maintenance centre, and E-scooter usage area were visited. Experiencing public transport operations and sharing experiences was an important step for everyone involved. We extend our gratitude to Antalya for their kind hospitality and the efforts of all their teams. To the Vignola team, it was significant to see you in Antalya, and we thank you for all your efforts and contributions. The next stop is Modena, Vignola! Stay tuned for further updates.

  • Exploring Barcelona Smart City Congress 2023 Together? ✨

    Last week, we participated in one of the world's largest smart city and mobility events, the Smart City Expo World Congress and Tomorrow.Mobility Congress 2023 in Barcelona. Over the course of three busy days filled with two speeches, one panel, and numerous visits to our Türkiye Mobility Pavilion and EIT Urban Mobility stands, we had the pleasure of hosting visitors. We shared insights on public transportation optimization, Cermoni, and big data-driven mobility management solutions with participants from 140+ countries and 800+ cities. Supported by EIT Urban Mobility, Cermoni, our demand-based public transportation optimization project currently operational in Antalya Büyükşehir Belediyesi and Modena, Italy, was a focal point in the panel discussion. We delved into the advantages that public transportation optimization offers institutions and discussed the future of digital solutions in public transport, engaging with participants involved in the project. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us on our journey to disseminate innovative local solutions worldwide. Your presence and support have been invaluable.

  • Parabol Showcases Innovative Mobility Solutions at Marmara Urban Forum 2023! 🎉

    Parabol proudly participated in the Marmara Urban Forum 2023 themed "Solution-Oriented Cities: Resilience and Beyond!" During this event, we had the opportunity to present our solution-oriented initiatives alongside the EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub team, Europe's largest mobility network. As a team dedicated to producing innovative #mobility solutions for solution-oriented cities, we discussed our ongoing projects and success stories. We highlighted the impact of our demand-driven public transport optimization solution, implemented in Antalya and Italy with support from EIT Urban Mobility. Continuing our commitment to crafting innovative solutions and working collaboratively with our stakeholders, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the valuable support from the EIT Urban Mobility Fark Labs team and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality for their presence at the event. 🙏🏻

  • Parabol Unveils Cermoni Project in Collaboration with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality

    We were honored to participate in the opening ceremony of the Cermoni project, an acclaimed Scenario-Based Public Transport Decision Support System, awarded the EIT Urban Mobility Targeted Project accolade. 🌟 The inauguration took place at Antalya Büyükşehir Belediyesi. The launch of this innovative project marks a significant milestone, aiming to revolutionize public transportation planning in Antalya by leveraging big-data methodologies. The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of the Department of Foreign Relations, Transportation and Information Technologies, as well as Antalya Ulaşım Hizmetleri Petrol Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. 🚀 The program commenced with a Project Introduction Meeting and Opening Speech, emphasizing the core objectives and significance of the Cermoni project, hosted by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. 🗣️ Both the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Parabol teams delivered a comprehensive Project Introduction Presentation, providing a detailed overview of the project to the participants. Subsequently, discussions between the teams focused on the project schedule, site visits, presentation preparations, and dissemination strategies. A pivotal part of the program involved a training session elucidating Cermoni's functionality and usage, immensely benefiting the participants in understanding the system's features. 📊 The pinnacle of the event was the Public Transport Needs Assessment and Scenario Visioning Workshop, uniting diverse stakeholders from the public transport sector to collectively define a shared vision. These collaborative sessions facilitated crucial advancements in innovation and cooperation within the realm of public transportation. 🚌💡

  • Parabol Delighted to Participate in "Urban Orienteering" Event during European Mobility Week

    We at Parabol are thrilled to have taken part in the "Urban Orienteering" event as part of the European Mobility Week. 🏃‍♀️ 🚲 🛴 🏃‍♂️ This event, organized in collaboration with STEP (Sustainable Impact & Ecological Planning Association), provided us with a fantastic opportunity not only to explore our city but also to engage in a team-oriented puzzle-solving journey through urban landscapes. 🌿 Participants had the chance to uncover clues and navigate urban spaces, fostering teamwork and discovering the city's hidden treasures. We extend our sincere thanks to STEP (Sustainable Impact & Ecological Planning Association) for their valuable contributions and to everyone who participated in making this event a success.

  • Parabol Sponsors Prestigious UITP Diploma Programme for Managers in Public Transport

    We had the distinct honor of sponsoring the special welcome reception for the 2023-2024 edition of the UITP Diploma Programme for Managers in Public Transport, held in Istanbul. 🌟 With great delight, we extended a warm welcome to our esteemed guests from across the globe, reaffirming our commitment to contributing to the advancement of public transport and mobility on a global scale. Our collaboration with program hosts İETT and UITP for this significant event is an honor, and we extend our sincere gratitude to them for facilitating this gathering. 🤝 As active members of UITP, our dedication remains unwavering in contributing to our industry through innovative solutions and fostering collaborative efforts. We are committed to furthering the growth and development of the public transport sector through our continuous engagement and partnership.

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