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Scenario and demand based tactical planning:

Timetable Analysis, Multimodal Planning,
Vehicle & Driver Scheduling


You can find answers with this planning tool for like;

- How can I increase our PT service level and what my timetable look like?

- How many number of vehicles we need?

- What will be the cost change?

- What should the vehicle types be?

- What will the fuel consumption and carbon emission be according to the timetable?

Business Analytics

Harness the full potential of data-driven insights, seamlessly monitor and evaluate your public transport system performance, uncover hidden patterns, and gain foresight to drive informed decision-making and optimize operational efficiency.

Understand the public transportation pattern!

Evaluate the public transportation pattern with mobility analyses!

Select the optimized version among different  scenarios!


You just set parameters, the best scenenario will be ready

Cermoni provides an advanced planning framework that optimizes the time,vehicle and driver scheduling by considering various operational scenarios. By analyzing historical data and real-time information, the system creates realistic scenarios and develops models to simulate and evaluate different scheduling options.

Compare scenarios based on your objective

Compare the scenarios based on the different occupancy rate and service level.

See what will be the impact of your planning

See the KPIs related to selected scenario in terms of vehicle number, fuel consumption, etc.

Timetable, vehicle & driver scheduling

Based on chosen occupacy rate & level of service, Cermoni gives you the timetable, vehicle & driver scheduling
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