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Smart way to understand public transportation and create difference

Cermoni helps you to understand your city’s public transportation mobility from micro level to macro and supports you to make the best decision based on data.
Let's make it real

Business Analytics

Harness the full potential of data-driven insights, seamlessly monitor and evaluate your public transport system performance, uncover hidden patterns, and gain foresight to drive informed decision-making and optimize operational efficiency.

Understand the public transportation pattern!

Evaluate the public transportation pattern with mobility analyses!

Select the optimized version among different  scenarios!

Analyze trip and passenger behavior with travel demand

Cermoni helps you to understand the city's public transportation demand (from where to where) and take effective new investment decisions based on advanced spatio-temporal analyses.

Travel demand
Public transportation analysis
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Data is your power, let's use it to increase PT service level

Cermoni is your central platform to evaluate public transportation performance with more accurate indicators, detect problems and provide more reliable information for decision-makers. 

Harvard Business Review Turkey

"Smart solutions in public transportation"

We create value in public transportation together
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