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Understand the city's

macro-scale public transport mobility

Visualize the whole city’s mobility in a time-based heat map and detect when and where people prefer to use public transport.
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Decide what is best for your city's public transportation

One platform to visualize and analyze the whole public transportation network, measure the performance, understand passenger mobility behavior, and decide what is best for your city.

Analyze public transportation mobility in a micro-level with stop analysis

Measure bus stop performance and understand stop ridership (how many passengers prefer which stops) in selected lines in a time-based.
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Understand the public transport trips among zones with the origin-destination analysis

Know the public transport mobility from origin to destination to make more efficient public transport investment decisions.
Line Analysis
Stop Analysis

Measure line performance with detailed line analysis

Access all dynamic and static info of the lines, analyze line-based ridership production, measure the performance of selected lines with bus-stop density, line similarity, speed, and schedule compatibility analysis.

Analyze public transport ridership in a zone-based analysis

Understand public transport demand in a zone-based by visualizing ridership production on the map in both 2D and 3D way according to the level of service criteria.
Orijin Destination Analysis
Zone Analysis
Heat Map Analysis
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